Football is all about the money

Football is all about the money

By Admin | 21/04/2021

Football is all about the money


I DO not profess to being an avid football fan. I have been to about five stadiums in my life.

I have lived between Arsenal and Tottenham and possibly I could have supported West Ham.

I watch it on BBC or Amazon or ITV if on. That is all.  I understand though about the game.

All teams aspire to climb higher. It might be doubtful that a Vanarama team will ever get in to the premiership without a large injection of cash. And the big clubs’ leaders put a stop to that with financial fair play so only they could keep their places and stay on top.

Let’s be honest. The Prem is really the first division followed by the championship which is not. It is the second division, followed by third and fourth. They have already tried to tart it up.

Now we have most of the richest wishing to pull out of this to have a Euro league which of course they already have, but these clubs do not like the aspiring ones that can sometimes knock them out in a one-off game.

I take no notice of Gary Snivel. He is in a well paid sinecure and has always been in one, one way or another. He also went for the money.

Lineker is a champagne socialist. Some of the clubs moaning like Leeds are doing that because they were not asked to join. There will be a few with sour grapes.

Wayne Rooney, bless him says that the clubs, especially Manchester United, would not go against the fans. Rubbish. He forgets that MU is now owned by the greasy Glazers.

They bought the club by putting it into debt. The are Americans. They are only interested in the Dollar. When MU fans took up on this it did not of course last despite all their expletives. Most came back. Just like Labour supporters they could not stay away long enough to make a difference. You can blame the money grabbing people who originally owned and ran MU.

The same goes for Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool and Spurs and MC.  None have the slightest concern about fans. Just how many rich fans are there at these clubs that can afford to fly backwards and forwards to matches? Not enough, I think. It will be TV money. Gary Snivel will be at odds with his paymasters or will already have bought shares.

Most of these English clubs who joined the group are not owned or run by English directors. Maybe one or two for show. Most of the Prem and championship clubs are not in English hands now.

I shudder to think about who the Italians are actually owned and run by. And we all know now about Indonesian money.
The Sweet FA allowed this. The glitter of gold allowing certain people to get a foothold in English football. Fit and proper? Not many. And now they have struck with a vengeance.

Watch the BBC, ITV and Sky change their tune when it comes to contracts, if it actually takes off. They can have it.

Martin Fletcher, Thorpe Hesley