End in sight for the minimum wage

End in sight for the minimum wage

By Michael Conlon | 16/11/2010

End in sight for the minimum wage

Sir, It is frightening that this country has now appointed John Cridland, head of the CBI, stating he will remove all barriers for business growth, starting, I should imagine, with the end of the mininum wage.

In the Tories eyes, why let people in from poor eastern European countries and give them 5.50p/h when they will work for a lot less?

The fat cats are licking their lips. Cridland had his hand in the mess were in under New Labour and because their policies were so like blue Labour's there is no wonder the Tories embarrassed him.

The free market has failed and is dragging the hardworking British under, while foreign companies reap the rewards.

The Tories plan is this: lay off 500,000 public sector workers who are earning on average 16000 pa, then drive them into low paid agency work and if they don't comply, sanction their benefits and drive them into work or penury. It's got Thatcher written all over it.

Michael Conlon, address supplied.