Disgraceful behaviour

Disgraceful behaviour

By Geoff Ruddick | 09/06/2010

Disgraceful behaviour

What a discrace it is to walk around Rotherham town centre.

I was in town on my day off work with my wife and all I could see and hear was people swearing in normal conversation, of all ages and nationalities.

People standing outside public houses spitting and shouting.

I hate to think what it will be like in 10 years time or so if we don't start to put some self respect back in to our society of both British and foreign people.

When I was younger you didn't walk around town doing these type of things. If you did you were put in your place by the police.

Im not a snob or anything like that but i do think folk should be able to walk around with young children without hearing these things.

Geoff Ruddick