Councillor's reply on Local Development Framework

Councillor's reply on Local Development Framework

By Cllr Darren J L Hughes | 09/06/2010

Councillor's reply on Local Development Framework

Dear Sir,

I write in response to the letter from Name and Address supplied inthe Advertiser (0June 4) with regards to North and South Anston and building proposals under the LDF core strategy.

Despite this person's scepticism I am quite happy to state my position on this serious matter.

I have been totally opposed to any mass building in the North Anston area and have stated this publically on many occasions.

I have liaised between the many residents who have written and spoken to me about their concerns with the borough council and as a result of this, and action by other individuals, was successful in making Rotherham Council review its plans and reconsult.

I told numerous people prior to the General Election that a change of Government would mean that the regional spatial strategy and regional planning authorities would be dissolved and the powers returned to the local authority, enabling it to be free to make its own decisions on future housing requirements.

I wrote to the Leader, Chief Executive of Rotherham Council and the Cabinet member for Neighbourhoods, calling on them to abandon the current LDF core strategy plan and consult with local residents to find a solution that is acceptable.

North Anston has a housing requirement due to a shortage of properties and I see this weekly with people who write to me about their housing problems.

So let me make my position very clear. I will be campaigning to ensure that proper consultation is undertaken with local residents to enable the Council to develop a plan for future housing requirements in the area.

The current LDF plan of 7000 houses is completely unacceptable and my position on this has not changed.

Through consultation I am sure a plan for housing requirements that is acceptable to the majority of people in the community and meets the community’s needs can be reached.

I will wait to see the Chief Execs response and if this is not an acceptable response I will table a motion before the full council requesting that the LDF core strategy be abandoned and a new strategy developed through direct consultation with the Rotherham people.

Cllr Darren J L Hughes, Rotherham Town Hall.