Council should sell off reusables

By READER: Andrew S Redding | 31/12/2013 0 comments

Council should sell off reusables

I TOOK some stuff to the tip at Carr Hill, and saw a notice warning me that I was not allowed to take anything from the skips. I saw a computer tower, and thought it was a shame to leave it, as I could have got it going in no time, but “the man” said no.

I rang RMBC today and suggested they set up a little shop in a portakabin to sell off anything that could be reused, but got the mandatory “we will look into it”.

It would be win, win all around if the council took up my suggestion as follows:

1) The council would have a new revenue stream from the shop
2) It would create a job at the tip, paid for by the cost of what they sold off
3) There would be less items to clog landfill and
4) I would have something to fill the lonely winter nights.

No doubt this will fall on deaf ears, but I know that other towns in the country run a shop like this, to great success.

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