Council has failed to keep Rotherham moving

Council has failed to keep Rotherham moving

By An annoyed Rotherham tax payer | 01/12/2010

Council has failed to keep Rotherham moving

Why? Why? Why? in this day and age, can the borough of Rotherham come to a complete stand still.

As yet again, it fails to clear the roads of Rotherham from snow. Why is this been allowed to happen year on year.

Every where in the world can cope with twice as much snow as we recieve but yet we still fall short in the way of resources. surely if the borough hasn't got enough snow ploughs why not place ploughs on the Waste trucks and allow them to clear the roads while also collecting the garbage along with the council's emergency planning department.

Any other business in the world would offer compensation for not delivering what, as a consumer, we have paid for.

Maybe we should give all the councillors a spade and make them dig us out of this mess!

An annoyed Rotherham tax payer.

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