Borough Beat blog: by Chief Inspector Paul Ferguson

Borough Beat blog: by Chief Inspector Paul Ferguson

By Admin | 03/09/2019

Borough Beat blog: by Chief Inspector Paul Ferguson

I write to provide readers with our latest update upon neighbourhood policing in Rotherham. 

The first thing for me to describe is Operation Duxford. 

This takes place every month in the county — each month, officers come together in one of the four districts to make an impact. 

On July 5, it was Rotherham’s turn. This was our biggest and best event yet.

We also worked differently, this time we worked with our partners, community groups and councillors to do more and to do it better. 

There were environmental clean ups in Dinnington and Eastwood. 

We targeted criminal use of vehicles at Rawmarsh and Dearne Valley. 

Community speed watch operations took place in West Melton, Todwick, Bramley and Kiveton and other areas. Fifteen drugs warrants were executed.

Offenders were brought to justice for burglary, violence and drug crimes. This was a really positive day for Rotherham.

Burglary is one of the crimes that has the biggest impactive upon victims. 

We know it hurts communities. We have worked tirelessly to counter the problem. 

One area particularly affected was Swinton. Two offenders, local to the area, were arrested by neighbourhoods officers, charged with burglaries and went back to custody. 

This has brought burglary offences back to very low levels for the community. 

We are now providing free Smart Water forensic marking kits to residents. 

This is a really effective way to deter criminals — if they do strike it helps us to identify and then convict them. 

We hope to extend this initiative in to other areas of Rotherham.

Finally, off-road motorcycling is a persistent problem. The riders often affect the quality of residents’ lives. 

They can cause noise and environmental disturbance and may ride their bikes dangerously and inconsiderately. 

Our team of officers are regularly on patrol in hot-spots.

They seize uninsured vehicles, formally warn those who ride anti-socially and if the behaviour continues, then again we can seize the offending vehicles.

I trust that this all good news for readers. The re-investment in to neighbourhood policing is making a real impact. 

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