Bin trouble

Bin trouble

By Lesley Carr | 27/05/2010

Bin trouble

Sir, my comments are in regards to nuisance and anti-social behavior and the double standards of how it's portrayed.

Here's a word-for-word statement of our tenancy agreement "you are responsible for the behaviour of every person living in or visiting your home. this includes your children.

"You are responsible for their behaviour in your home, on surrounding land, in communal areas (stairs, lifts, landings, entrance halls, paving, shared gardens, parking areas) and in the neighbourhood around your home."

So a neighbour decides they are going to put their bin on the exact corner of their neighbour's drive (so they can't swing on to the road without moving the bin or doing a 3-point turn) and up to the doors of their van so they can't open the doors without moving the van or, of course, the bin EVERY WEEK.

And if the binmen leave it .once emptied. in that said place it then doesn't get taken back into the property - would you consider that to be a nuisance as covered in the paragraph in the tenancy agreement?

No is the answer. You can put your bin anywhere! The only problem is if you leave your bin out after the said bin day. But then the issue is with Street Pride and not as a nuisance neighbour !

The council departments can't work together, but they assure us they are working with the police on these matters, so I would like everyone of you who wants to annoy your neighbour USE THE BIN and get off scot free.

Lesley Carr.