Attack on social housing

Attack on social housing

By Graham Levin | 01/12/2010

Attack on social housing

Sir, Now that this Con Dem government has launched its attack on social housing by bringing in rushed, ill thought out legislation to make tenancies for two years, then if you are deemed to be earning enough to rent in the private sector or buy your own property you will be evicted, thus freeing up the council property for someone else to move into.

It sounds laudable, but in practice is very unfair and will end up stigmatising people in council properties and make tenants less likely to better themselves in case they lose their home and communities will be broken up.

One thing about this makes me wonder though and that is what if the tenants say they want to buy the council house they occupy,with a discount,which they are quite at liberty to do so under the Tories right to buy(whether you agree with the policy or not is a different matter).

Therefore defeating the object of the two year tenancy ruling to free up council housing stock for others and taking a council house out of stock forever.

As I said I don't think the Condems have though it through properly or are they going to change the right to buy, which goes against a Thatcherite policy and Cameron couldn't do that. It's the politics of the madhouse.

Graham Levin, Oak Road, Wath on Dearne.