ADVERTISER COMMENT: Bouncing back to turn life around

By Admin | 26/04/2017

ADVERTISER COMMENT: Bouncing back to turn life around

CHRIS Codrai is living proof that you can turn your life around whatever your situation.

He spent three years in prison for aggravated robbery at the age of 17, having been in and out of trouble for several years before a failed attempt at a new start saw him behind bars again, this time for assault.

One day Chris turned up at the Millennium Boxing Club in Masbrough — a move that changed his life.

Chris has begun to rise through the amateur ranks (he hopes to compete for a Yorkshire title and in the Senior Novice Championships) and to start using his past experiences to help others.

He says he wants to inspire others, in particular those caught up in gangs, and adds: “I think I’m not just an inspiration to myself and the gym but to people in gangs that you can get out.

“You can walk away and be safe. You can change your life for the better.”

Chris credits coach Jamie Kennedy for encouraging him and believing in him.

By finding a pursuit that gave him a sense of belonging and a different set of people to mix  with, Chris has turned his life around to the extent that he can now help others.

Not everyone in a similar situation will manage to achieve what Chris has, but his story should prove an inspiration to others.