What's next for the former Wilkinson’s store?

Rotherham Council has submitted a planning application related to the demolition of the store, which closed in June.

THE old Wilko site on Corporation Street has been identified as the potential spot for a new town centre theatre.

The planning papers say: “Demolition of the former Wilkinson’s store will provide the council with the opportunity to enhance its cultural and leisure quarter.

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“Building on from Forge Island, this site in the longer term has been identified as the preferred option for a new theatre in the town centre.”

The application suggests demolition could take place between April and June 2023.

The land would be used as a compound for the construction works on Forge Island, before being developed itself in 2023 or 2024.

Early plans for Forge Island to include a theatre as well as a cinema were ditched about five years ago.

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