Taxing job in naming cab company

CABBIE Sean Guest invited the public to help name his new taxi company — and was inundated with suggestions.

The 48-year-old driver from Broomhill decided to set up on his own after losing his job, and found plenty of takers when he asked on social media for suggestions for the name.

“A lot of firms use a mundane name but I wanted a quirky one for myself so I thought I’d ask the people,” he said.

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“The thing is my dad was also a taxi driver and he was known as Mr G.

“I thought Mr G's would be great as a lot of people will recognise that name straight away and think 'oh, that's John!'

“But I couldn’t decide so why can't the people choose?

“Who’s better to ask than the future customers?

“I only expected to get 10 or 20 comments but the response was fantastic.”

Sean received more than 100 comments on his social media polls — including a few quirky suggestions such as BmyGuest and Death Valley Taxis.

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Sean said: “They came up with some brilliant suggestions, and I chuckled a few times while reading the comments on Facebook.

“Two my favourites were Guesty the Bestie and, because of all the speed bumps and potholes, Rodeo Taxis.

“I think the majority said it should be Mr G’s, so Mr G's it is.”

Sean will be covering Dearne Valley and the Wombwell area to begin with but could go further afield depending on demand.