Should taxis be allowed in Rotherham bus lanes?

A CALL has been made for taxi drivers to be allowed to use bus lanes to help with emissions and rush hour traffic.
Cllr Simon BallCllr Simon Ball
Cllr Simon Ball

Opposition leader Cllr Simon Ball, also suggested that the annual MOT requirement for cabbies could be dropped to two from three.

Cllr Ball, Conservatives, said: “The bus lanes that we have dotted around Rotherham – these are only bus and cycle lanes, whereas we look at different areas and you can put taxis in there, which would help us with emissions, costs for transporting children especially at peak times. “They might not be late to school

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“I just wonder if these things can be looked at to help local businesses in that kind of way.”

RMBC leader Cllr Chris Read, responding at a scrutiny meeting last week (7) said: “I don’t know. Apparently it’s quite rare for taxis to use bus lanes but I think two of the four South Yorkshire authorities do allow it.

“I’m certainly happy to take your question away and have a look at the whys and wherefores of what that might be and the pros and cons.”

Cllr Read said the recent review of taxi licensing had considered the number of MOTs.

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He added: “A decision was taken to maintain those standards, so I can’t promise any immediate change in relation to that.

“There was an agreement reached about being able to use older vehicles but maintaining the number of MOT checks and that seemed a happy medium. It will be reviewed in the next two or three years.”