Occupational therapist takes on advisory role at NHS England to promote diversity and inclusion

RDaSHs Noma MakhandaRDaSHs Noma Makhanda
RDaSHs Noma Makhanda
AN OCCUPATIONAL therapist has described her appointment as chairwoman for an advisory group at NHS England as a “perfect opportunity”.

Noma Makhanda – professional lead for occupational therapy and deputy chief Allied Health Professionals at Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust – will take on the two-year role with the Chief Allied Health Professions Office Ethnic Minority Strategic Advisory Group next month.

The 44-year-old said: “I’m delighted to be appointed to this new role.

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“I’d like to see the growth and development of a diverse allied health professional workforce that matches the communities we live in.

“I hope to fly the RDaSH flag high and take up any research or piloting opportunities that will improve our communities.

“I will also aim to positively influence cultural awareness in the NHS, providing a clear stand on anti-racism or any other form of discrimination of ethnic minority colleagues.

“The NHS has been involved in recruiting Allied Health Professionals and other professions internationally.

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“As such, it is a perfect opportunity to make changes that will make a positive difference for these colleagues and the people who use NHS services.

"A special thank you to those who have mentored and supported me on my journey.”

A spokesperson for RDaSH said: “This opportunity will give Noma a strategic role in representing the vision and purpose of the Chief Allied Health Professions officer Suzanne Rastrick’s Ethnic Minority Strategic Advisory Group and provide the opportunity to continue to focus on promoting equality diversity inclusion and belonging, in the development of NHS services.” 

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