Celebrating creativity at the Civic

A night to celebrate local creatives is coming to Rotherham Civic.
Granny NorbagGranny Norbag
Granny Norbag

Malcolm J Hogan, artist in residence at the Civic, hosts an evening of creativity to celebrate the end of a year-long Arts Council England Project featuring his creation local legend, Granny Norbag.

The puppet performer will share the first episode of her long-awaited TV series filmed with Lost Souls Productions and Tunedin Music Productions.

Local artists from different creative disciplines will also share short films funded by both ACE and FLUX Rotherham and created under the mentorship of videographer Wayne Sables.

Writers from the area will share eight short original films, all filmed, produced and edited by the Children's Capital Of Culture's Young Producers, featuring local actors and filmed at Wentworth Woodhouse with funding by New Writing North.

There will also be a panel Q&A and a Rotherham Creative Network meeting.

The free event will be on Monday October 17 from 7pm.

More information and tickets: www.rotherhamtheatres.co.uk