A thought-provoking show by 'comedy’s coolest customer’

Reginald D. HunterReginald D. Hunter
Reginald D. Hunter
ANNOUNCING his current tour, Reginald D. Hunter said: “If you’re sick of all the contradictory answers being shoved at you by media, meet the man who is sick of all the questions.

“Come see me at a theatre near you.

“Rated ‘R’ (for Reginald).”

Given that the Perrier Award-nominated comedian's current show is called 'The Man Who Could See Through S***', you can understand the R-rating early on.

This show at The Leadmill in Sheffield , as with all others on his 2023 tour of the UK and Ireland, does indeed have an 18+ age rating.

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As for the inspiration for the title – that's his mother, Lucille Hunter, who once proudly proclaimed: “It’s easy to see through s***, the hard part is pretending you haven’t.”

And so, ‘stand-up comedy’s coolest customer’ (Telegraph) tells the crowd in his own languid and inimitable way that in these “supercharged socio-political times” the challenge is more and more becoming separating what’s true and real.

His family are referenced several times including his grown-up daughter who came to one of his shows, commenting after that she liked it but that her dad “doesn't really do jokey-jokes.”

Which is true, in some senses.

But the Georgia-born, UK-based comedian has the stage presence and the delivery to come out with a sucker-punch of a punchline which makes a fair few audience members draw a cautious breath.

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For someone familiar with his TV appearances on Live at The Apollo and Have I Got News For You, his live material has sometimes been considered controversial, while others find his approach to be refreshingly – if brutally – honest.

And in this show it always comes from a place of careful consideration, delivered in that effortless drawl – this is thought-provoking, funny and distinctly rant-free.