We'll be ready for challenges ahead: Titans

By Paul Rickett | 13/07/2017

We'll be ready for challenges ahead: Titans
TRAINING HARD...the Titans players

TITANS coach Andy Key says the club is bang on track as the ountdown continues to the new season.

The club's initial six-week training block ends today with the second kicking off after a week's rest for the players.

And Key is delighted with the progress made.

“The spirit is superb," he said. "I’ve always worked on it being player-led, rather than management-led, and they set the standards. It’s their game, not ours, and it’s about what they want to get out of it as players.
“We go through a fairly specific process to try in make sure that as management, we drive where we think they need to be. But from a standards and values point of view, the players do all that."

There's more on the Titans, including why they're ready to bloody a few noses, in tomorrow's Advertiser.