“Those that can do, those that can’t...”

By READER: Martin Ward | 26/11/2013 0 comments

“Those that can do, those that can’t...”

TEACHERS are largely a workshy rabble. I will not refer to them as professionals because that is one thing they are not.

Apart from age they are indistinguishable from their pupils; they dress like them, talk as badly as them and forget their prime role is to educate children, not spend an inordinate time settling petty squabbles. They let the class achieve no more than the lowest level because they spend most of their time attempting and failing to reason with the unreasonable.

Teachers are feckless and largely not very intelligent and many gained unrelated degrees, for example in jewellery design, and entered teaching as a last resort. School leavers have poor linguistic and numerical skills and believe the world owes them a living, much like their educational mentors.

Compared with most countries UK teachers are very well rewarded, considering the hours worked, and demand massive pensions when the majority of the private sector cannot afford any pension. Never has the saying “Those that can do, those that can’t teach” been more true than it is today.

Martin Ward, Moorgate

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