Teenage girl was groomed and raped after being "brainwashed", court told

By | 05/02/2018

Teenage girl was groomed and raped after being 'brainwashed', court told

A TAXI driver has gone on trial accused of twice abusing a drunk schoolgirl — after promising to take her to the cinema.

Asghar Bostan (47), of East Bawtry Road in Whiston, appeared at Sheffield Crown Court, where he denied two counts of rape.

His accuser, a woman who cannot be named for legal reasons, says Bostan twice had sex with her at a flat at a house in Wagon Road in or around 2003.

Then aged 14 or 15, the girl had befriended a woman called Shafina Ali, who lived at the flat, after running away from home.

She told police that she often slept on a sofa there and that several taxi drivers would visit every day to drink and smoke.

One of these, a man known as Don, twice plied her with alcohol before raping her in the bedroom, she claims.

The first time he did this, he had paid her compliments and offered to take her to the cinema, she said.

The complainant said Ali would give her “pep talks” after the sex, calling Don a “good partner” for her, telling her he would “take care” of her and making the situation feel “normal”.

But she told police in 2014 that Don was “much older, about 40” and she would never have willingly slept with a man of that age.

She told officers: “If I knew then what I know now, I would have tried my best to get out of there.

“But they made me feel like I fit in somewhere. She [Ali] brainwashed me because I was having a hard time at school.

“She groomed me and got me into child sexual exploitation.”

The woman told police that, when she did try distancing herself from Ali, an unknown person would text or call to threaten her parents.

She went on to pick Bostan out of a police video line up as the man she knew as “Don”.

Raiding his home in 2016, officers found a notebook full of Bostan's handwriting and a note saying “..... and Don woz ere”.

Bostan accepts that the book is his, but denies writing that note, prosecutor Mr Anthony Dunne told jurors.

He also denies ever being known as Don, ever knowing a girl with the complainant’s name, knowing Ali or ever having sex with a teenager.

Mr Dunne described circumstantial evidence which he said seemed to corroborate the complainants’ identification of Bostan as Don.

Records show that Bostan was a cab driver in the early 2000s, with a black taxi similar to one which the woman described him driving.

He also lived at an address near Wellgate, as the woman claimed.

A neighbour of Ali’s also told police that she saw taxi drivers come and go from the house daily.

Bostan denies both counts of rape. The trial continues.

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