Recycling is a farce

By READER: Martin Fletcher | 14/07/2014 0 comments

Recycling is a farce

TODAY, I drove to the refuse tip with a half full bin size black bag of rubbish. Why? My refuse collection was yesterday but you can only get three bags full in the bin. And they will not take a loose black bag on the side; even though other boroughs actually take black bags.

I keep all the papers, cardboard, glass and cans and put them out separately when required so it is not bags being overfilled with this stuff.

Save the planet! I do this about every six weeks. I burn CO in to the atmosphere and spend about £3 on fuel so I doubt if I save the planet at all. I notice quite a lot of people there doing the same thing, some with 4x4 gas guzzlers.

And I wonder what actually happens to all this recyclable. The council PC brigade should be ashamed of themselves. Either have it all done properly with the right size bins or just forget it. Pretending to make a difference is not on.

And they do not collect plastic. Most large pop bottles plus disinfectants and washing up liquids are plastic.  

Martin Fletcher, Flanders Court, Thorpe Hesley

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