Letter: How many of similar mind own a yacht?

By READER: M Harris | 31/08/2016 0 comments

Letter: How many of similar mind own a yacht?

THE apoplectic raving of Dave Platts — self-styled People’s Commissar for Clifton — become ever more detached from reality.

He has truly stepped out of a 1970s time machine without even realising it. The politics and policies he so stridently espouses led us to power cuts, empty supermarket shelves, the three-day week and streets overflowing with uncollected garbage: truly a broken nation.

Yet he would happily have us return to those days of abject misery so long as he could hoist his own personal red flag of a Revolutionary Worker’s utopia — even if it meant doing so over a wasteland of despair. Does he not realise that the political philosophy he so proudly advocates is long dead? it did not work, it never worked and the attempted implementation of it led us to social, economic and industrial ruin. But despite all this the fixation of his intellect remains fossilised in stratagems which, as proved by history, lead only to disaster. But none of that matters to him.

Mr Platts would have us believe he is an unrepentant champion of the downtrodden, disadvantaged proletariat — a stance strikingly familiar with that of NUM leaders who bought new cars and had house extensions built whilst their members, who were on strike, starved.

But David — how many members of the disadvantaged proletariat own their own yacht — as you do?

M Harris


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