Letter: Have planners gone down wrong route?

By READER: Roger White | 28/06/2016 0 comments

Letter: Have planners gone down wrong route?

I WOULD like to invite the planning department to resolve a puzzle through your publication.

Last year partial planning notices appeared on the footpath from Clay Hill to Greasbrough dam. The maps were missing at both ends of the path but the inference was that the route was being closed.

I checked and in due course received a map which contradicted everything I had been told verbally in my initial contact with planning.

I complained about this and received a written apology and was left with the clear understanding that the path in question was not being closed.

I have recently found that the Greasbrough end of the path has been fenced off and planted with hedging, presumably by Wentworth Estates. Could someone from planning explain why this is occurring given their previous assurance that the path was not being closed?

Roger White, Monkwood Road, Rawmarsh


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