'Idiotic thinking' over Christmas in July scheme

By Jane Roberts | 23/06/2010

'Idiotic thinking' over Christmas in July scheme

Sir-I wonder whether I am alone in believing that Rotherham Borough Council has finally and completely taken leave of its senses.

I refer to the idea of spending public money on "Christmas in July" for Rotherham town centre.

This is ostensibly to generate interest and to bring back shoppers to an area which, sadly, over many years has been destroyed by earlier disastrous decisions by a succession of leaders totally out of touch with the people of Rotherham.

In these days of financial cutbacks I cannot believe that this suggestion would have been met with anything but derision by the departments responsible for spending "our" money.

Surely education across the board, and care of the elderly to name but two would rank above such idiotic thinking. I was born in Rotherham and have spent 50 years living and working in the borough.

There have been many times when I have wondered whether the council tax is being spent wisely, but this idea is really the last straw. I truely believe the lunatics have taken over the asylum!! I would urge you to run a campaign against such profligate and inappropriate use of public money.

Surely we had enough snow in December/January to last a lifetime!

Jane Roberts, Wickersley.

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