Damaged M1 fence repaired - thanks to the Advertiser

By Michael Upton | 13/10/2017

Damaged M1 fence repaired - thanks to the Advertiser

CARS and lorries sped along the M1 past a gaping hole in a roadside fence for almost two months - until the Advertiser stepped in.

Highways England was accused of failing to act on the 10ft gap in the wooden fence alongside the motorway in Blackburn for a large part of the summer holidays and beyond - despite concerns being raised for children and animals.

One resident got in touch with the Advertiser to highlight the issue.

The Barber Wood Road woman, who asked not to be named, said: “Through the gap in the fence, there is a clear run through the bushes onto the motorway.

“You would hope children would not be tempted by it because you’d hope they would stick together and use their common sense.

“My main concern is what could happen if a dog got through it - the havoc a dog could cause in a few minutes on the motorway is terrifying.”

The woman said she had reported her concerns to Highways England, which is responsible for roadside safety measures, and Rotherham Borough Council but nothing had been done to avert the danger.

Two weeks on from the Advertiser getting in touch, a spokeswoman for  Highways England said the fence at Barber Wood Road had been fixed, as well as in other areas identified by inspections.

“We would like to thank the customer for raising this issue,” she said.
“Several sections of the fence along the M1 near to the Blackburn area have now been replaced.”

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