Council criticised over "confusing" markings at Wickersley roundabout

By | 01/03/2017

Council criticised over 'confusing' markings at Wickersley roundabout

CHANGES to road markings at a busy Rotherham roundabout have been criticised as “confusing”.

Rotherham Borough Council altered the turning lane markings where Northfield Lane and Morthen Road approach Wickersley’s Mason’s roundabout on Sunday and added new lines within with roundabout itself.

But Bob Weatherley, who lives in nearby Flanderwell, said he was concerned the new layout could cause confusion and accidents.

“The issue is they have not publicised it at all as far as I know and there are no signs up warning people of the new markings,” he said.

The main changes include making the left lanes on both Northfield Lane and Morthen Road left-turn only, where previously motorists could go straight on.

“I think a lot of people coming from Thurcroft along Morthen Road who want to go down to Dalton don’t know about the changes will go into the left-hand lane as normal and find they are being forced to turn left,” said Mr Weatherley.

“Coming from Dalton, you used to be able to go across to Morthen Road from the left-hand lane but now you can only go along Bawtry Road towards Bramley.”

Mr Weatherley said the markings around the roundabout itself were “ludicrous” and may cause accidents.

“I can see people changing lanes on the roundabout and two cars converging and crashing,” he said.

“As it is, now they have changed it, it might be best to leave the lane markings as they are but they have created a lot of confusion by not putting any signs up.”

Ian Ashmore, Rotherham Council’s transportation and highway design manager, said: “The road markings were amended in order to attempt to improve lane discipline around the roundabout particularly when approaching the roundabout from Morthen Road and Northfield Lane.

"However, we will monitor the situation, taking into account local views, and make any further amendments as appropriate.

“Signs will be going up shortly to advise motorists of the new layout but we apologise for any confusion in the interim period.”

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