Consider the Green idea

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Consider the Green idea

I HAVE to start by saying, what a great letter by Michael Sylvester in the Advertiser and what a great idea he had for using our third vote (at this year’s election) for an independent or third party candidate.

In that spirit, I wanted to make a pitch for my party, the Green Party to be considered for your third vote.

We know that the votes in this election will be very close between Labour and UKIP, and if you’ll consider using your third vote for us, then we have more than enough candidates to be able to hold the balance of power.

In the context of Rotherham this would be hugely significant, because as highlighted in both the Jay and Casey reports there was a direct correlation between one party having massive overall majorities and the scrutiny, or rather the lack of scrutiny that contributed towards the environment, which led to the tragic events that took place in our town.

Of course, I do understand that many people won't want to use a vote simply on the basis that we are not Labour or UKIP, but I’m confident that our policies are extremely well thought out and realistic, so I invite you to check out our Mini Manifesto on Rotherham Green Party Facebook Page.

There’s a real opportunity in your hands, at these elections in Rotherham to create a truly plural council that listens to all shades of opinion in making decisions.

By using our votes in exactly the way that Michael Sylvester suggested, by using your third vote differently from your first two votes, you would be requiring Rotherham’s parties and independents to cooperate and accept that no single party or individual has a monopoly on the good ideas.

Paul Martin, joint coordinator, Rotherham Green Party


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