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'Inspiring' mosque plan for Rotherham town centre

Published date: 21 December 2012 | Published by: Gareth Dennison

An artists' impression of the new mosque.

AN ICONIC £3m new mosque will put Rotherham on the map and inspire all the communities in the town according to the people behind the plan.

The Rotherham Mosque Trust has applied for planning permission  for replace the Chapel Walk Mosque, Rotherham’s first Muslim faith centre, with another one twice its size.

The planned building, next to Centenary Way, would have a minaret 33.8m tall and it is hoped to display calls to prayer and other messages on electronic screens around the tower.

The plans which have taken two years to complete in association with council officers, also include an IT suite and study area and car park improvements, taking the total spaces to 43.

Zafran Khan, of the Rotherham Mosque Trust, said: “It’s designed to inspire all people as an iconic building that puts Rotherham on the map.

“The new community, cultural and faith facility is a tangible realisation of Rotherham’s One Town, One Community ethos.”

For more on this story and reaction from neighbours, see this week’s Advertiser.

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  1. Report

    Posted by: shaunsheep1 at 13:00 on 21 December 2012

    "Multiculturalism - that several different cultures (rather than one national culture) can coexist peacefully and equitably" does this apply to Rotherham? No. It has failed. There is so much racism and tension in Rotherham. Personally, I think this is an ugly building anyway. Remove the minaret and I'd happily support it, but this doesn't fit in.

  2. Report

    Posted by: JohnT at 18:03 on 21 December 2012

    Inspired? No. Angry? Extremely. an architecturally out of place building of this size in this location would make Rotherham a laughing stock. The last time I looked Islam was a minority faith but Rotherham council have long been in the business of pandering to minorities. You would think in the light of the recent child sex grooming scandal Islamists would be keeping a low profile?

  3. Report

    Posted by: AHUSSAIN at 20:25 on 21 December 2012

    Due to the criminal actions of a handful of criminals, the 2 million muslims should keep a low profile... what does "low profile" mean exactly? Not consider expanding a place of worship? Not have a voice? What other rights should be taken away to "collectively punish" the remaining 99.999% of the community? Co-incidently there was a sex scandal in Derby involving 6 "white christian fundamentalists." I dont hear calls for christians to keep a low profile.

  4. Report

    Posted by: Julie Travers at 09:56 on 22 December 2012

    What a ridiculous comment John. Catholic priests have been abusing children for decades, are you suggesting we should stop building cathedrals? I think the plans look beautiful and would love to have a look around when the building is completed!

  5. Report

    Posted by: Saraj at 17:47 on 22 December 2012

    Great project and I wish it every success. That which unites us in terms of aspirations for ourselves and our families is far greater than that which divides us. Only by removing barriers and having greater integration through such superb projects as this one can we all progress as a cohesive community and truly empowered society. This project is a great example of those who wish to work and be part of the solution, unlike its critics who continue to choose to be part of the problem.

  6. Report

    Posted by: frankfoster at 14:15 on 23 December 2012

    Re mosque/terror training centre... Far from US having to accept THEM and THEIR traditions - maybe these people should accept OUR way of life and OUR beliefs and traditions - this town that we love is called ROTHERHAM and NOT RAWALPINDI.

  7. Report

    Posted by: nononsenseman at 10:02 on 24 December 2012

    would i be allowed to buid a christian church in pakistan?

  8. Report

    Posted by: JohnT at 17:11 on 25 December 2012

    there are i believe pro rata more Mosques in Rotherham than there are Christian churches? Worship who the hell you like but this is Yorkshire not Saudi Arabia don't impose your architecture on us

  9. Report

    Posted by: Omraw at 22:13 on 01 January 2013

    Finally, a real, modern multi-purpose building that will progress Rotherham's aspirations towards real multi-cultaralism and improved inter-faith tolerance and understanding. Whilst I live elsewhere, should this project be given the go ahead I would love to spend the day in Rotherham to look around and contribute to the local economy. I would urge the council not to succumb to the tabloid card and support this dynamic vision whch will trluy put Rotherham on the map.

  10. Report

    Posted by: Aliak at 23:03 on 05 January 2013

    I think you'll find there are several churches in Pakistan if you'd do some research before making such ignorant comments it would be appreciated. If there was no minaret how would we distinguish between mosques and churches I mean think about it logically please? The architect I'm sure has spent long hours, weeks and months I'm sure planning this beautiful building and I wish him every success.

  11. Report

    Posted by: Aliak at 23:11 on 05 January 2013

    And on another note. I believe Rotherham is multi cultural however there always will be those people who will be ignorant and disrespectful of people's faiths and beliefs. You shouldn't make justifications of your OPINION on a faith due to a few people's misguided actions. And another thing, there is already a mosque in this particular place so it wouldn't be ANOTHER mosque it'd just be building on the present one to improve it.