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Ban right-wing extremists, urges Socialist candidate

Published date: 23 November 2012 | Published by: Phil Turner

Ralph Dyson.

SOCIALIST by-election candidate Ralph Dyson wants far right 'fascist' organisations to be banned from a radio broadcast.

Mr Dyson, who is standing for Trade Union and Socialists Against Cuts, says fascist organisations should not be given a platform at hustings organised by BBC Radio Sheffield on Monday.

“I believe in free speech, but it would be an affront to democracy for that right to be applied to fascist parties, who threaten us all,” teacher Mr Dyson said.

“These racists and fascists, who have been rejected by the vast majority of people, have tried to whip up racism by exploiting the grooming scandal in recent weeks.

“They should not be given airtime to use it as a platform to spread their filth and lies.”

Mr Dyson has asked the BBC to withdraw the invitations and called on the Respect and Labour candidates to support him.

Rotherham Unite Against Fascism has also called a protest outside the Unity Centre where the hustings will take place before an invited audience between 6.30pm to 7.30pm.

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  1. Report

    Posted by: DavidMarshall at 02:40 on 24 November 2012

    Typical Socialist calls people Fascists and then shuts them down like a typical fascist. The problem with Grooming gangs would not be an issue for the fascists if the fascist socialist left wing council and social services had dealt with the problem, It's not lies, it's facts and like most Socialists you don't need the truth all you need is UAF thugs to do your dirty work and intimidation and demonisation

  2. Report

    Posted by: thejack at 08:51 on 24 November 2012

    The only acting the fascist here is,Ralph Dyson. How many girls could have been saved if the likes of the fascist,Ralph Dyson spoke out. And to think he works in schools.