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Anti-fascists planning rally to counter EDL's Rotherham demo

Published date: 04 October 2012 | Published by: Gareth Dennison

Anti-fascists plan rally on same day as far-right demo.

ANTI-fascist protesters have called for a peaceful multi-cultural rally on the day the extreme right English Defence League descends on Rotherham.

The EDL has urged its followers to attend a demonstration in the town next Saturday after revelations about the sexual exploitation of young girls.

Rotherham Unite Against Fascism has urged for people to attend a planned counter-rally in All Saints’ Square as a show of strength against the EDL.

Pat Keenan, president of Rotherham Trades Council, said: “The overwhelming majority of people reject the EDL’s attempt to use racism to divide our society.

“Their attempts to spread racist myths about sexual exploitation must be exposed and challenged. They seek to blame one community for society’s problems.

“The EDL does nothing to protect the victims of sexual violence. Sexual predators and paedophiles exist in all communities, as do their victims.”

He added: “Each time the EDL assemble, minorities and trades unionists are subjected to threats and racial and religious abuse.

“Recently the EDL were prevented from marching through Walthamstow in London due to a fantastic show of unity from the local community. 

“It is essential that we show the same level of unity here. There’s no place for Nazis, racists or their allies in Rotherham’s multiracial, multicultural and multi-faith community.”

A public meeting to discuss the issue will be held on Monday at 7pm at the Unity Centre. Speakers are expected to include Rotherham MP Denis MacShane, Unite Against Fascism’s Weyman Bennett, faith leaders and other prominent figures.

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  1. Report

    Posted by: fletch at 20:10 on 04 October 2012

    Can,t believe these lefty union types,are then blind?Last week,newspapers,tv,council and police admitted there is a big problem with asian men grooming young girls,yet there only interested in salling EDL racist,what rubbish,the EDL Are more in touch with feelings in the town,i would say people should come out and demonstrate next saturday peacefully on the side of the EDL who recognise the problem as apposed to these idiots who Are so out of touch with public opinion its unreal !

  2. Report

    Posted by: Sheikh_G at 19:06 on 05 October 2012

    There clearly is a problem with grooming but do you seriously think the EDL is the answer to anyone's problems. The solution to this one is beyond the reach of all but a well picked and brave team of intelligent specialists. Like the SAS.

  3. Report

    Posted by: fletch at 03:50 on 06 October 2012

    Good idea get SAS on case ,track em down and asasinate,that will please muslim community !!

  4. Report

    Posted by: Margaret at 09:23 on 06 October 2012

    The way the media refers to these people as anti-fascists is beyond a joke. They are the Socialist Wokers Party, in other words the extreme left and the costs frequently mentioned which are incurred policing the EDL's demos are almost entirely due to the violent response these middle class lefties try to provoke by encouraging young muslims to come out and do thei dirty work for them.

  5. Report

    Posted by: Niki28 at 00:50 on 08 October 2012

    Why is nobody saying anything about Richard Price, one of the EDL's founders, who has a criminal record for child pornography & is on the sex offender register?

  6. Report

    Posted by: Niki28 at 00:53 on 08 October 2012

    Or Matthew Woodward who has pleaded guilty to 15 charges of child pornography featuring children age 10 to 15 and a video of a 13 year old girl? And Brett Moses who has been convicted of sexual grooming on a 13 year old? And Michael Coates charged with indecent assaults and attempted rapes? So EDL are coming to Rotherham to discuss sex offenders or to continue their sex offending?

  7. Report

    Posted by: karlo at 04:04 on 08 October 2012

    Wonder how many of the UAF/Socialist non workers have little skeletons in there cupboards?Släp naming names,Why not name the numerous muslims already convicted,or the Labour party councillors convicted of offences against children,the left have much much to hide if you dig deep enough!

  8. Report

    Posted by: Niki28 at 08:38 on 08 October 2012

    "Little skeletons???" not the phrase most people would use about convicted sex offenders!!!! But I wondered how long it would take for someone to blame the whole Muslim community?!? Not predictable at all, honest!! Why don't you try and use some facts to support your extreme views? Oh sorry there isn't any to support it!!! Most convicted sex offenders are white non Muslims!

  9. Report

    Posted by: righton at 01:16 on 09 October 2012

    Most paedophiles are white, that's because the country is 87% white. However, muslim men are massively over represented in the criime of child rape. In the past 3 years there have been 26 court cases where groups of muslim men have been convicted of rape of white children. Anyone who carries water for child rapists by deflecting away from the crimes of these people by bringing up the usual...'but what about white people' argument' disgrace themselves.

  10. Report

    Posted by: karlo at 01:31 on 11 October 2012

    The right minded people of Rotherham should come out in force saturday,and demonstrate there outrage re,pakistani men raping young girls,they should also show the rag tag Alliance of UAF/Communists,union Labour excuse makers,the road out of town,they are out of touch with the masses ön this one.The message need shouting youd,THERES NO PLACE FOR MUSLIM ABUSERS,OR. THERE SUPPORTERS IN ROTHERHAM OR ANY OTHER TOWN OR CITY,GET OUT !!

  11. Report

    Posted by: mick1955 at 20:50 on 11 October 2012

    bring back our troops to clean up our street of this scum this is going on all over this once proud country