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SEX GROOMING: We let down some young girls, says Rotherham Council

Published date: 28 September 2012 | Published by: Gareth Dennison

Rotherham Council admits some young girls were let down over sex abuse.

YOUNG Rotherham girls who were exploited for sex have been let down by the social services and the police it was admitted this week.
But Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone said lessons had been learned and claims of inactivity over the issue of grooming youngsters for sex were wrong.
Cllr Stone was speaking in the wake of reports based on leaked police and social services documents dating back to 2000 which reveal a catalogue of child sexual exploitation, mostly involving men of Pakistani heritage and white girls aged 12 to 16.
He said: “The impression given in the national media that we have not acted to tackle sexual exploitation could not be further from the truth.
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“This authority has been committed to working on this problem for a long time and has had a dedicated team working with young girls for around 15 years.
“There is still more work to be done locally, regionally and nationally but our commitment in Rotherham to keeping vulnerable people safe and well is our top priority.
“We will not tolerate sexual exploitation and we will continue to work closely with police to bring people to justice for these horrible crimes against our vulnerable young people.”

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  1. Report

    Posted by: rotherham dad at 20:57 on 01 October 2012

    Staff must be held to account. My daughter was a victim with her mothers knowledge, CYPS never recorded the requests I made for help. My sons were abused by their Mother, emails & letters deleted, reports fabricated - managers response - nothing can be proven. Complaints process is a joke. H. Woolfenden openly admitted dont bother with Stage 3 of process its a waste of time. Staff openly admitted to witholding evidence so that it couldnt be used in Court proceedings. This is in the last 2 years.