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Letter: Listen to public opinion on fracking

Published date: 01 November 2016 | Published by: READER: David Burley

Harthill fracking sites. Allotments off Thorpe Road. 161613-2

OUR government’s latest survey of the British public’s opinion on energy has found that support for fracking is at its lowest level ever – 17 per cent - down from 21pc in July, whereas opposition to fracking is at a record high for these surveys at 33pc.

So what does the survey tell us about what the public wants instead of shale gas? Seventy one per cent of people backed onshore wind, while 75pc were in favour of offshore wind, and 82pc backed solar.

Conversely only four per cent of people oppose renewables.

Frack Free South Yorkshire welcomes this government survey as it shows renewable energy still remains the UK’s favourite form of energy – it’s local, it's sustainable and onshore wind is the cheapest form of new power generation available in Britain.

Government should listen to public opinion, champion renewable energy, throw its weight behind tackling climate change, and stop fracking before it starts.

David Burley, Frack Free South Yorkshire

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