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Family Announcements

MP demands action for Palestinian youngsters

Published date: 05 January 2016 | Published by: Gareth Dennison

Sarah Champion MP

SARAH Champion will demand the Government establish a “watch list” of those carrying out war crimes against Palestinian children.

The Rotherham MP is to lead a Parliamentary debate on the illegal military detention and treatment of youngsters by Israel.

She will also raise concerns about the treatment of Palestinian minors in the Israeli criminal justice system.

Ms Champion will tell Wednesday’s debate: “The issue of transferring detainees en masse from occupied territory is a standalone issue because it is a war crime.

“After nearly half a century, it requires decisive action in accordance with our international legal obligations. 

“The Fourth Geneva Convention makes it clear that the UK has a positive legal obligation to search for persons accused of committing grave breaches and to ensure that if such persons enter the UK, they are arrested and prosecuted with all speed.”

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