AHEAD of the general election, the Advertiser is inviting candidates vying for the three Rotherham seats to submit ‘mini manifestos’ to sell themselves to readers.

Entries will appear below to help voters make up their minds ahead of the country going to the polls on June 8.

Wentworth & Dearne

John Healey, Labour

I’M PROUD to serve you and our area and to live and raise my family in Rotherham.

Local issues are at the heart of the work I do in parliament and I always stick up for our town. I've been voted 'best campaigning MP' and recently won Government funds to save Wentworth Woodhouse for the public, been fighting the new HS2 route and battling to keep our steel jobs and local services - like the job centre in Goldthorpe and the banks in Wath.

When people raise problems I do all I can to sort it out and last year dealt with nearly 3,500 individual issues and cases. My local office is open full-time and I run regular advice surgeries so you can always get hold of me. I want to continue standing up for you, campaigning to make things better and supporting those who need help.

This election is not a re-run of last year's referendum. People backed Brexit, Britain is leaving the EU. Labour in government will see this through and get a UK deal that puts jobs and working people first.

For seven years the Tories in government have looked after their own, made things tougher for ordinary families and hit the north with bigger cuts. If they get in again, Theresa May will treat it as a blank cheque.

This election is a choice: five more years of the same under the Tories, or a fresh start with Labour, and a government that will work for everyone.

Steven Jackson, Conservative

WE FACE the most important election for a generation.

Residents of Wentworth and Dearne voted decisively to leave the EU, and now must decide who will ensure we get the best possible deal. Your choice on June 8 is between the strong, stable leadership of Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn propped up by a weak coalition of chaos.

I believe that Brexit means Brexit. Neither Labour nor the Liberal Democrats will respect the referendum result and Labour will not rule out a second referendum. Only by giving Theresa May a clear mandate can we guarantee that Britain will leave the EU.

I am proud to have been selected as Theresa May’s local Conservative candidate for Wentworth and Dearne and I promise to fight for the things that matter — reducing immigration to manageable levels, ensuring our national security and maintaining a strong economy.

Labour under Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t care about immigration, would leave us defenceless and destroy our economy once again.

I don’t come from a political background. I work as an engineer and got involved as a local councillor as I am passionate about the things that matter to you — jobs, education and the cost of living. I promise to build on my record of fighting for residents to deliver results for you, and reverse decades of Labour neglect in our area.

This election gives us a clear choice, between Jeremy Corbyn’s London focused Labour party or Theresa May’s Conservative party, who will deliver Brexit and govern for all.

Also standing: Janice Middleton, Liberal Democrats


Mick Bower, Yorkshire Party

IMAGINE telling people where you're from with a feeling of pride. Imagine people looking at our town as an example to follow. Let's show them that they can't take Rotherham for granted anymore.

Don't waste your vote on one of the Westminster parties. They see towns like ours as a burden; a drain on the London purse. For decades, national governments have short-changed us and the council have managed the decline.

Rotherham was famous for steel and coal; but it was the way people united to fight hardship that made it a great place. They formed communities built on respect with the hope of creating a better future for their children. We need to get that spirit back and make our town a place to be proud of again.

Electing a Yorkshire Party MP would send the message that we are ready to fight. We'd be represented by a local man who would be dedicated to making sure that we get a fair chance. A true champion for the people of Rotherham.

You have a clear choice on June 8: vote for more whining and broken promises or vote for the Yorkshire Party and get a dedicated MP who will work day and night to help the Rotherham people get the bright future they deserve. The old parties are out of touch, their policies are outdated. It's time for a new politics that puts people first. Rotherham can lead the way.

Let's make history.

Allen Cowles, UKIP

I AM standing because residents voted overwhelmingly for Brexit, by 68.35 per cent, to leave the EU. They need someone to stand up for their view. The other candidates are irrelevant, being ‘remainers’ of one kind or another.

I am a local councillor and I intend to remain in touch with issues that matter e.g. social care, pensions, protecting the green belt and Herringthorpe playing fields.

Standing up for the views of residents is uppermost, both as a councillor and MP. The other main party candidates will simply tow the party line; but as we do not have whips, I can and will listen to residents on major issues and vote accordingly.

If elected, I will work for Rotherham, the wider region, the Northern Powerhouse. We desperately need infrastructure projects now. Better transport links to Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester, new schools, hospitals and social services, at the expense of the billions to be wasted on the HS2 vanity project.

We already have faster trains and more capacity coming into service now, not in 20 years. The Tories don’t care whose house is destroyed, they have no MPs to lose. Labour and the Lib Dems simply want it dumped in someone else’s backyard.

I have regularly challenged the local Labour group on its lack of a coherent integration policy both in schools and the wider community. I cannot accept that the future of our children is determined by the age of five or six simply because of where they live.

James Bellis, Conservative

IT IS an honour to be Theresa May’s local Conservative candidate for Rotherham. At this election, people in Rotherham face a clear choice: between Theresa May’s strong, stable leadership in the national interest, and a weak, unstable coalition led by Jeremy Corbyn.

People in Rotherham voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. As we embark on that road and build a new chapter, it is vital that Rotherham has someone to support their cause and ensure Rotherham’s voice is heard in government. As part of Theresa May’s team, I will be that strong voice.

I enter this election following a successful 17-year business career, combined with active work in my local community. I understand the importance of attracting new investment into Rotherham and supporting local businesses to create the jobs of the future, along with renewing the town centre, campaigning for upgraded transport infrastructure and making sure all local children have the opportunity of a good education.

Over the last seven years our economy has recovered strongly but the next few years will inevitably bring uncertainties. We cannot risk a return to the economic mismanagement of the past and as your representative I will make sure that does not happen.

Sarah Champion, Labour

Serving the people of Rotherham as their member of parliament has been a great honour. I believe in a fair and equal society where everyone has the support to reach their potential. In the last four years, I am proud to have done my part to achieve that - both locally and nationally.

Fighting on local issues is the most important part of my job, whether that’s defending our steel jobs, securing investment or campaigning for support for victims and survivors of abuse.

Those who have contacted me with their views on local and national issues will know that I am always happy to discuss my position and listen to, and act on, their concerns. My constituents’ views inform everything I do.

The most satisfying part of my role has been the direct assistance I have provided to almost 10,000 constituents who needed my help.  I always have - and always will - put Rotherham first.

This election is not, as the Tories have tried to pretend, a re-run of last year’s Brexit referendum. That decision has been made and Britain will leave the European Union. Instead, we face a choice as to the direction which our country will take post-Brexit. A Labour government will see Brexit through and will also fight for the jobs, investment and protections that Rotherham needs.

If I am re-elected, I will do everything in my power to provide a strong voice for Rotherham and to deliver a better future for our town.

Adam Carter, Liberal Democrats

I AM the only candidate in this election who actually lives in the constituency. I work as a doctor in the NHS and am a local councillor in Brinsworth, where I live. I am standing in this election because Rotherham needs change and we need a new local voice to stand up for our town.

Under Jeremy Corbyn's Labour, our town has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. You only need to walk through the town centre to see Labour's record in our town. Many shops have closed down or moved elsewhere. We need a fresh start here and a new local person to represent our town.

Labour are unfairly cutting our local services in our area, including the NHS where I work. Local schools are oversubscribed and funding to key health services are being cut. Our town deserves better than this.

Under Jeremy Corbyn, Labour are too weak and divided to stand up for Rotherham. They are too busy fighting amongst themselves. We need a new hard-working MP who will change the future of Rotherham.

Voting for me, local NHS doctor Adam Carter to be your local MP will give Rotherham the new local voice our town desperately needs. Only a win for Adam will help bring real change to our area.

Rother Valley

Sir Kevin Barron, Labour

IT HAS been a huge honour to represent Rother Valley as a Labour MP over the last 33 years, and I am delighted to be running for re-election on the June 8. I have lived in the constituency since I was small child, growing up in Maltby and then going on to work at Maltby Colliery. Although many things have changed whilst I have been the local MP, I am still as proud now as I was then to represent my home constituency in parliament.

I am standing on my record as an active constituency MP who has worked hard in every part of Rother Valley, championing our community and encouraging its future development. At a time of extreme change, we need an MP who will always do the right thing for the constituency.

On the big issue of Brexit I have made clear I accept and respect the result of the referendum, I voted to trigger Article 50 and my aim now is to work with MPs from all parties to make sure that we get the best deal for the people of Rother Valley and Britain as a whole.When you vote on June 8 you are not electing a party leader or the prime minister, you are electing the person you want to be your local MP and be your voice in Westminster for the next five years. I hope you place your trust in me to continue to stand up and fight for Rother Valley.

Katie Pruszynski, Lib Dems

MY ACCENT tells you I'm not from round here. I grew up in London and went to university in Nottingham, where I mainly ignored my degree to mess about in the theatre. I started a theatre company that performed at the Edinburgh and London fringe.

After making no money and living on beans on toast, I moved into communications before achieving my ambition of working in parliament. Working for an MP gave me a deep understanding of the incredible challenges people face; I remain humbled by it.

I live in Sheffield with my husband and two children, working as a communications adviser. Although an adopted northerner, I have felt at home since moving here two years ago. I spend weekends exploring the Peaks with my family and trying not to step on Lego.

Liberal Democrats aim to give people the opportunities to lead the life they choose; protect the vulnerable and reduce inequality. I am also determined to bring power back to people who feel cut off from politics in London.

I make five promises to Rother Valley:

  1. Available: I'll hold at least one constituency surgery every week
  2. Tough: I'll fight tooth and nail to protect local services from Tory cuts
  3. Proactive: I'll work with local businesses to protect them from Theresa May's extreme Brexit
  4. Determined: I'll represent Rother Valley in parliament as part of an effective opposition
  5. Listening: to hear to my constituents' concerns, to continue to learn about how I can help them

Paul Martin, Green

I was thrilled to be selected as the Green party candidate for Rother Valley. I am married with two young children and have lived within the constituency for 14 Years. I have been as a parish councillor for ten years. I have experience as a union rep, chair and vice chair of a local neighbourhood watch and as a school governor. I know what it is to struggle with a young family especially since the sharp austerity cuts of the past few years.

Greens stand for a political system that puts the public first, an economy that gives everyone their fair share, a society capable of supporting everyone’s needs, a planet protected from the threat of climate change.

We want to build an economy that works for the common good, not just the privileged few. We can make our society sustainable by investing in renewable energy and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

We plan to build more social rented homes and bring abandoned buildings back into use, we will ensure that everyone has a secure and affordable place to live.

  • We are wholly opposed to both HS2’s proposed routes, which would run through Rother Valley
  • We need to ensure that EU's contributions to this region are replaced and that we obtain the best deal possible from Brexit
  • We are totally opposed to the harm that fracking could do to Rother Valley
  • In 2016 the Green party introduced a bill into parliament to reinstate the NHS

Lee Hunter, UKIP

THIS is my home. Rother Valley needs a MP with a stake in Rother Valley, someone who will stand up for our values and not someone else’s. I would ask all constituents not to be distracted by the media circus surrounding Brexit but think domestic. Your vote will neither strengthen nor weaken the Brexit negotiations; it will however shape the future of Rother Valley for many years to come.

Charity begins at home. It is preposterous to give away taxpayers’ hard-earned money to countries that have their own nuclear weapons, space programmes and affluent middle classes. That is why we will cut foreign aid by £9 billion per year and spend it here at home on you. We will fight crime and anti-social behaviour with 20,000 more police officers and fully re-opened and fully staffed police stations.

We will support the NHS with 20,000 more nurses, 3,000 midwives and 8,000 more GPs and scrap tuition fees for medical students. Even the BBC believes our policy to reduce net migration to zero can be done. The £90 billion-plus HS2 needs stopping not rerouting and investing in the Northern powerhouse.

The Thatcherites with unchecked power will continue with austerity and make savage cuts, Corbyn and Abbott need a bigger credit card for their spending plans.

Electing a UKIP MP would give the people a voice that puts Rother Valley on the centre stage making it impossible for the government or Rotherham council to ignore us. Think before you vote.

Bethan Eddy, Conservative

I am incredibly honoured and proud to be part of Theresa May’s team and the Conservative candidate for Rother Valley. We have a choice on June 8 to make sure we have the best possible deal for Rother Valley and for the country by making sure we have the strong and stable leadership of Theresa May.

This can only be achieved by voting for me as your representative in parliament. Every vote matters in this crucial election.

We can’t forget our everyday concerns, such as education, the economy and the NHS. I believe that we need to make sure all children have the best education, as every child deserves the best start in life. I believe we need to encourage business and investment into the local economy, so people can earn a living and have pride in the work they do.

The NHS is also close to my heart as my husband is a student nurse, but to ensure a strong NHS we need to make sure we have a good Brexit deal so the economy prospers in the years ahead.

I believe Brexit means Brexit and Rother Valley voted to leave the European Union, this has to be respected. We can’t go back on that decision. We need the right leader to negotiate the final deal for everyone especially the people of Rother Valley. Your vote really counts and without it Theresa May will not have the mandate she requires to make a success of Brexit.